Welcome to our site. Cetrine.net is a successful development team from London, UK. We develop online based SaaS "Software as a Service" product and services. Some of them for business users, other for everyone else. On this site you will find information about our projects and services, if you still have a question do not hesitate to get in touch.
WinLogViewer is a Windows event logs aggregation service. It helps busy system administrators access multiple server logs via a secure, convenient web interface from anywhere with an internet connection, all from one place.

20 Nov 2012

TaleNotes is an online notebook service which helps to store text notes and snipets in secure online notebooks and access them from any device.

01 Sep 2012

A professional photohosting service for bloggers.

20 Jan 2012

Amazing, animated greeting cards service!

20 Dec 2011

Business oriented service helps to create professional statistical reports in just few easy clicks.

01 May 2011

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